1. Manuscript published for JURDIMAS distribute collection of works of the results of community service activities. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or English.
  2. Jurnal Pemberdayaan Sosial dan Teknologi Masyarakat does not accept texts by email. Manuscripts must be sent via the web system. For those who have never registered, please register first.
  3. Manuscripts that are sent are * .doc or * .docx files
  4. The number of pages of the manuscript is even
  5. The writing of the manuscript must follow the rules provided in the Jurnal Pemberdayaan Sosial dan Teknologi Masyarakat template. Please download the JJurnal Pemberdayaan Sosial dan Teknologi Masyarakat Template using Indonesia or English
  6. Writing the manuscript with the following structural parts: INTRODUCTION - METHODS - DISCUSSION - CONCLUSION - ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (optional). Clear theorems do not need to be written, just cited when needed. Evidence or theory whose truth is not yet clear which the author makes clear by developing it can be added after the Introduction.
  7. Citation and bibliography used preferably in the last 5 years and mainly originated from reputable journals. References from journals of at least 80% of those written.
  8. Every script in Jurnal Pemberdayaan Sosial dan Teknologi Masyarakat will be reviewed by reviewers with a double-blind review system. All review processes are done online through the web system and the development of the manuscript can be monitored by the author through the web system.
  9. The time each document is sent until it has been accepted by the editor will not be the same depending on the review process of each manuscript. The editor cannot guarantee the exact time of publication when the new manuscript is sent by the author.
  10. Inspection and editing of print are done by the editor and/or by involving the author. Manuscripts that have already been printed can be unloaded by the editor if found to be problematic.
  11. Everything related to licensing the citation or use of computer software for making manuscripts or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by the scriptwriter, along with the legal consequences that may arise, are the full responsibility of the manuscript writing.